Success Stories

I can’t say enough about my experience with Laura at New Moon Sleep. She provided our family with a customized sleep plan for our 3rd son, and worked with us to determine what type of methods would work best for him. I’ve used other sleep training companies in the past, but felt the “one size fits all” program very frustrating. We started with gentle sleep training tools at only 8 weeks, which made our transition from the bassinet to the crib, to then sleeping independently, to proper nap scheduling, etc., exponentially easier by the 3 month mark. Being a mother herself, Laura is extremely knowledgable and understanding of how difficult sleep deprivation can be on families. She helped get us on the right track, and I truly can’t recommend her and this program enough. Thank you Laura and New Moon Sleep!” – Stephanie

Laura is amazing. She was so very helpful in helping my husband and I transition our 3 year old daughter from a crib to her big girl bed. Before contacting Laura we had some major difficulties with our daughter getting out of bed at all hours of the night and went through many sleepless nights in attempting to transition her on our own. Laura was able to provide amazing insight/guidance and tips and strategies to best help us overcome the difficulties we were having and gave us the confidence as parents that we were lacking. In a very short time we were able to fully transition out of the crib and now have a well rested and happy toddler (and two amazingly grateful parents ). Thank you Laura.”- Courtney

“I reached out to Laura when our 10 month old was consistently waking up at 5am. She was able to figure out the problem and give us a schedule of when he should be napping and how long his wake windows were supposed to be. Nothing was set in stone which made sticking to it possible. She understands babies and helps you do the same!

I can’t thank Laura enough for her help, our little guy now sleeps until 7am!” – Meghan.

“We are extremely thankful for all of the insight Laura provided us with our baby’s sleep!

When our 7 month old was experiencing sleep challenges with frequent night wakings and terrible daytime naps, we knew it was time for some outside help.

Laura worked with our situation and comfort levels to develop a gentle approach to sleep training. She set out clear expectations about the process. She was very responsive answering any questions and helped us fine-tune our approach as things progressed.

Our baby is now a great independent sleeper who sleeps through the night! Our family is much better rested and we now focus our energy on enjoying our days together rather than stressing about our nights!

We only wish we’d reached out to her sooner!!!!

Thank you so much Laura! We couldn’t have done it without you!!! “.
– Joelle

“Laura is amazing!!! We’ve tried everything with our 20 month old son (other sleep consultants, doctors etc) with no luck. Laura listened to our problems and offered various alternatives and approaches.
Our son’s pesky early morning wake-ups are quickly becoming a distant memory”.
– Emily.

“Working with Laura was the best decision we made! When our daughter was just 4 weeks old she caught a terrible cold that lasted 3 weeks.  My boyfriend and I were exhausted, and realized that there was no way we were going without decent sleep any longer.

Laura gave us simple steps and a plan that worked for our household and for our baby.  She was able to look at Charlotte’s sleep patterns and made minor tweaks that changed from her crying before each nap and taking an hour or two to go to bed at night, to falling asleep on her own.  I had looked online and friends had recommended programs, but nothing really compared to having Laura’s feedback on what we were doing and her answers to our questions.

 Charlotte now falls asleep on her own, there is no more ‘witching hour’, and has a sleep schedule.  She sleeps every night at 7pm and goes until 7am only to wake for her night feedings. 

We will continue to work with Laura as Charlotte grows because there is nothing better than good sleep!” – Michelle

“Laura of New Moon Sleep Co. was wonderful to work with. I contacted her when our 6 month-old-daughter Beatrice refused to nap anywhere other than my arms while nursing, and was consistently taking 2-3 hours to put to sleep each night. We room-share with Bea, and practice attachment parenting methods so wanted someone who was respectful of our situation and style, understanding of infant needs, well-versed on the science of sleep, and a warm and encouraging partner in the journey and Laura was all of these things! Sleep coaching can be tough. We opted for one of the more gentle methods but there’s still some growing pains as your little one learns to fall asleep on their own and it was Laura’s calm reassurance, consistent messaging and enthusiasm of our progress that kept us going. Laura’s sleep coaching has given Bea the skills to fall asleep on our own, my partner and I the gift of more time together, and overall a happier, more well rested family. I recommend her and her methods highly!” – Jenn

“My husband and I hired Laura when our daughter was almost 3 months old to help transition her from co-sleeping into her bassinet. Laura provided us with great suggestions and support which made this transition extremely smooth. We wanted to minimize any distress that our daughter would experience and we were not open to cry-it-out. Laura did a fantastic job at working with us to meet these needs and ensured we had a variety of tools to try out with our daughter. Additionally, she provided us with encouragement to stick with the plan on a few tough nights at the beginning. Our daughter is now almost 6 months old and is able to fall asleep on her own with very little support from us. We would strongly recommend hiring Laura if your child has any difficulty with sleep.” – Kayleigh

“I hired Laura as my sleep consultant when my daughter Emmy was 3 months old. My husband and I were having a hard time putting her to sleep and we were spending countless hours rocking her, pacing around, etc. It was exhausting! Laura gave us the guidance and support we needed to put Emmy in her crib while she was still awake. Emmy is now 6 months old and falls asleep quite easily on her own. She no longer relies on us to help her fall asleep, which has made her naps much longer. Emmy is definitely much happier overall because of how rested she is. Laura also created a day-to-day schedule for Emmy, which she now follows almost to the minute. Having that predictability makes our lives much easier as parents (and much more enjoyable!). I would definitely recommend New Moon Sleep Co.!” – Evan

“Laura has been so supportive in helping me get my twin daughters on track with sleeping and feeding. Her knowledge, suggestions, and encouragement were imperative in getting my girls to not only nap in their cribs, but sleep through the night at four and a half months! She has great tips and ideas.” – Tara

“Laura has been so forthcoming and knowledgeable regarding my twins and their sleep. I appreciated in particular that her advice always considered the whole picture – feeding, activity, demeanor, and not just wake windows and nap times. She is a calm voice during what can be a chaotic and stressful time.” – Melissa

“I would like to thank Laura for our her guidance and patience when helping our family overcome the struggles of sleep deprivation in our household. My daughter had not slept well over 2 weeks and waking up at 3 am until 5 am. After 2 weeks of restless sleep, I asked Laura for help since I knew she must be a reliable source with 3 kids under 3 at home. Laura asked pertinent questions about our current night time routine. Never did she judge or preach about what to do but rather provided clear practical new habits to adopt. Laura explained in a detailed manner how to modify our dinner time, bath time and bedtime. Within days we saw a huge improvement in our daughter’s sleep and our sleep. Now she has returned to sleeping through the night for 12 hours. I would highly recommend Laura to help your family restore peace of mind and rest for all.” – Jacqueline

“Laura was an incredible support in helping my four month old son to self settle; my husband and my backs were in so much pain from rocking him to sleep constantly and he was not getting the sleep we knew he needed. Laura helped us teach him get to sleep on his own and now he’s doing longer naps in the day and better quality sleep at night! Most importantly she made sure I was comfortable with the methods we were using and reassured me every step of the way. After working with Laura our little man is a different baby – happy, confident and sleeping!” – Erin

“I reached out to New Moon Sleep Consulting as a new mom who read the books and did the research, but very quickly learned that there are a lot of real life scenarios that are NOT covered in books and somehow seem to be the key components that are often left out. They grey areas I am referring to are the ones that leave you wondering if your child ( and/or you will ever sleep again). Laura helped in ways I would not have known even existed. They asked for specific details of each child and worked thoroughly through options and solutions to help them get to sleep. I will never forget the first time I had a decent sleep, all I could think was “ thank you New Moon!”.
As a new mom of twins it was of particular importance to me to speak with someone who had first hand experience with twins. Most books and resources speak to parents of singletons and don’t factor in things like If/when one twin wakes the other and how to deal with schedules which are affected by each twin being an individual. Laura had the experience and expertise to guide me through this process seamlessly as well as to provide support and reassurance when we weren’t sure if we were navigating schedules/nap times or bed times properly. She created a customized plan that was holistic and considered all factors of the children’s well being. We are incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Laura and would highly recommend her to any parent looking to re-introduce sleep into their lives!”
– Tamara