Jacqueline B.

I would like to thank Laura for our her guidance and patience when helping our family overcome the struggles of sleep deprivation in our household.  My daughter had not slept well over 2 weeks and waking up at 3 am until 5 am. After 2 weeks of restless sleep, I asked Laura for help since I knew she must be a reliable source with 3 kids under 3 at home.  Laura asked pertinent questions about our current night time routine. Never did she judge or preach about what to do but rather provided clear practical new habits to adopt.  Laura explained in a detailed manner how to modify our dinner time, bath time and bedtime.  Within days we saw a huge improvement in our daughter’s sleep and our sleep.  Now she has returned to sleeping through the night for 12 hours.  I would highly recommend Laura to help your family restore peace of mind and rest for all.